Saturday, August 27, 2011

BuyWithMe Annoints Chief People Officer

BuyWithMe Annoints Chief People Officer

Daily deal site BuyWithMe announced Tuesday that it has hired former Google HR honcho Charlie Gray to help lure top talent to the daily deal site.

One of the interesting things about the appointment is Gray’s not-so-typical job title: Chief People Officer.

What do you have to do to get a job like that? Well, Gray has an admirable resumé. He was executive vice president at AOL’s local news division Patch, where he managed the company’s growth from 100 employees in 30 locations to 1,400 employees in more than 800 locations within a year. At Google, he was the human resources guru overseeing 1,500 staffers in 12 offices for Google’s U.S. and Canada sales and operations and helped restructure that sales force into a “vertical expert model,” that helped Google woo Fortune 1000 customers.

As Jim Crowley, CEO of BuyWithMe, Inc., wrote: “Charlie has tremendous experience helping some of the world’s best companies rapidly scale their talent base while at the same time helping those companies create cultures where excellence and extraordinary execution are the touchstone of the entire organization.”

Apparently, that takes him from blah Human Resources Director to the more bow-inspiring title of Chief People Officer. But Gray is not the only one with an unusual title among companies that specialize in areas like tech, new media and environmentally sound products. Here are a few others.

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