Tuesday, December 22, 2009


At the end of calendar year 2009 the HR Patriot will be focusing on the power of GOALS. As a new year begins and we put behind us the worst economic year since the Great Depression, it is an important time to step back and seek clarity on what we want to achieve in 2010. Whether personally, professionally or as an organization the ability to clearly and concisely create goals for the coming year will be the key to our success. This blog focuses often on HR News and Happenings, but these posts can hopefully inspire you to achieve something more in 2010 -- to pursue more doggedly -- the quest for personal excellence. At its most fundamental level the effective HR executive and practitioner unlocks potential and productivity in others to achieve goals and drive corporate success. These posts will hopefully provide an added measure of motivation to that end.

With that introduction we kick off the GOALS focus with an inspirational video -- The Speech on St. Crispin's Day from Shakespeare's Henry V. This one will definitely inspire you to achieve something great.

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