Tuesday, December 22, 2009


As the HR Patriot focuses on GOALS and GOAL ACHIEVEMENT the last two weeks of 2009 it is important to share the powerful 12 STEP GOAL ACHIEVEMENT SYSTEM developed by Management Consultant Brian Tracy - Full credit and attribution to him for creating this framework. I have read quite a few management and leadership books over the years -- I admit that some are pure snake oil -- while others contain golden nuggets of wisdom that are worth contemplating. Tracy's 12 STEP GOAL ACHIEVEMENT SYSTEM clearly falls into that latter category. As with anything -- the secret is in the doing.
If you DO what he outlines you will find yourself achieving your goals faster.

Step 1:   Develop desire - INTENSE, BURNING DESIRE.
Step 2:   Develop belief.
Step 3:   Write it down.
Step 4:   Make a list of all the ways you will benefit from achieving your goal.
Step 5:   Analyze your position, your starting point.
Step 6:   Set a deadline.
Step 7:   Make a list of all the obstacles that stand between you and your goal.
Step 8:   Identify the additional information you will need to achieve your goal.
Step 9:   Make a list of all the people whose help and cooperation you will require.
Step 10. Make a plan.
Step 11. Use visualization.
Step 12. Make the decision, in advance, that you will never, never, give up.

Full Attribution:

Tracy, Brian. (1993). Maximum Achievement. New York, NY: Fireside Books
Pages 156-170

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