Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Best International HR Graduate/Masters Programs

In a previous post we have discussed in detail the best HR Masters/MBA programs in the United States. In a connected world economy with capitalistic drives to find pools of low cost labor and an increasing war for the best of the best talent these international HR graduate programs should be considered carefully by aspiring HR professionals. They may in some ways provide a differentiation on your resume that you would not achieve by studying in the United States.

International HR Graduate/Masters Programs:

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Royce said...

Hey there,

I just found your blog today and as an HR student, find it fantastic! I was wondering though, how did you determine your list of top international masters programs? I am Canadian, and hesitating between an american school, such as Cornell, and looking abroad, and there are others in Europe that seem interesting as well, such as RSM Erasmus MScBA in HR, or ESCP's Management of People and Organizations (offers double masters with Cornell).

I am not so much questioning your choices as much as just wanting to know what they are based on (reputation? salary? etc.)