Sunday, October 18, 2009


Gregory Lee, Motorola's senior vice president of human resources, is leaving the company, according to a Wednesday regulatory filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

Motorola spokeswoman Jennifer Erickson said Lee is departing to "pursue other interests after nearly two years of service." Lee arrived at Motorola in January 2008 after a stint at Coca-Cola Enterprises. His replacement is Michele Carlin, a human resources executive who previously worked at the Campbell Soup Co., TIAA-CREF and Sears. The regulatory filing said Carlin's new assignment was effective Oct. 8.

Erickson said Lee's departure is unrelated to a lawsuit that former Chief Financial Officer Paul Liska filed against Motorola in February. Liska, who left the company in January after less than a year on the job, sued the company for retaliatory discharge. He claims he was fired for refusing to accept misleading financial forecasts for Motorola's mobile devices unit, while the company says he was a poorly performing employee who plotted against Motorola after learning he was to be replaced. According to court filings, in late 2008, Motorola's co-chief executives directed Lee's office to start looking for a new finance chief behind Liska's back.

Before coming to Motorola, Lee and Liska overlapped as executives at Sears and The St. Paul Cos.

Motorola has not hired a permanent replacement for the CFO position since Liska's departure.

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